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Studio Members

Learn more about a few of our members and what they are making at Mad Dog.

Coco Griffith


Coco is an interdisciplinary artist who received her Masters in Ceramics from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2020.

Eileen Bailey

Mixed Media

Eileen recently returned to exploring her art through mixed media after a lengthy hiatus.

Jean-François Allaux


Jean-François Allaux is an award-winning editorial illustrator and sculptor born and raised in Morocco.

Kami Clark

Stained Glass

I have been my own boss since 2011 when I left the graphic design industry to follow my passion in stained glass.

Leslie Atik

Mixed Media/Textiles

I work in a variety of media, drawing on my interests in pattern, language, and textile practices from around the world.

Patsy Cunningham


Retired nurse, rosarian, potter, and Ikenobo enthusiast, Patsy especially enjoys making Ikebana vessels.

Sarah Upton


Sarah is a multi-media artist and cosplayer who crafts everything from 6ft prop swords to delicate origami earrings.

Danni Goulet


My work celebrates the ordinary. I strive to bring a storyteller's perspective to the mostly overlooked people and places.

Elinor Thompson


As a retired Scituate H.S. art teacher, I am a multimedia artist using Mad Dog Studios for my stoneware sculptures.

Jeneane Lunn


I moved to Providence RI in June of 2021 and have enjoyed working in plein air during the summers!

Kathy Lappin


Kathy Lappin is a nurse by day and potter by night, making functional and creative ceramics.

Linda Thimann Dewing


I‘ve been an visual person all my life. How I do things and what they look like, is as important to me as what I do.

Rebecca Jenness


I paint the change of urbanscapes from the unpredictable to the everyday.

Tara Villanova


Tara grew up in the very rural Northwest corner of RI, in Foster-Glocester. Her pottery is a reflection of the colors and textures of the woods and lakes of her hometown.

Davonna McCormick

Mixed Media

I love creating characters and creatures. My favorite animal is the wolf and so my artist name is D the Wolf.

Elizabeth Crane Swartz


Makes hand-painted jewelry, unconventional needlepoint canvas designs, and dabbles in oils & pastels.

Jesslyn Boisclair


I have a background in film/video and enjoy expressing myself through writing and photography.

Kerri Fletcher


A graduate of Rhode Island College in Art Education, Kerri makes functional pottery as a professional hobby.

Nancy Rosenberg


A musician and college music teacher who likes getting out of her academic mindset to play in the mud.

Sanika Phawde


I make comics, graphic novels, zines, paintings, patterns and drawings.

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