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Kristin Street

Ceramics, Jewelry, Sculpture, Painting

I am an intuitive artist, working in two and three dimensions, responding to materials, exploring physical interconnections and the dynamics of dimension and diversity. The use of spatial relationships, multiples, lines, and, most importantly, what is not physically present as an integral component of artmaking are all concepts evident in my work.

Curiosity about materials, interspersing natural and manufactured textures and forms, observing on a microscopic level, or imagining at a monumental scale form the backbone of my explorations.  I have created organic growth and motion into my art by working with the interplay of weight and lightness and integrating emptiness as a sculptural element on a physical scale and through paint. The sculptures cast shadows and, through tensegrity, compression, flexibility, and kinetic qualities, create illusionary space and generate movement, accentuating their playful energy. Within my paintings, I draw the shape of space through topographical explorations and microscopic cellular formations, tapping into the same concepts and methodology as the 3D work, where the positive and negative spaces become indeterminate, creating illusion and a sense of spatial awareness,  Utilizing patterns from nature and manufactured structures, this type of drawing/painting, where one thing shifts into another, creates voids and fictional spaces which blur the line between reality and illusion, chaos and order. 


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