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Eileen Bailey

Mixed Media

Eileen has been playing with art in one form or another her whole life. From the roots of her high school art class, throughout raising her three children until the present, she has many works of art out there in the world. Whether gifted, donated or sold at shows she has enjoyed sharing her paintings and the joy they bring to others.

She recently returned to exploring her art through mixed media after a lengthy hiatus while pursuing other passions.

Eileen works in several mediums including watercolor, gouache and acrylics. The focus of her work is always faces which prompted the creation of “her magic eyes”as her art personification. “I have always loved color in my work but I am also drawn to the shadow places that exist which is often explored in my pieces as well.”

“Eileen often uses wings in her work. Although some people see angels, Eileen considers the wings as representing a form of transport or transformation, as in, 'what are you moving toward or away from' in your life.

As she continues building her portfolio, she hopes you enjoy her current collection full of color and whimsy.


Eileen Bailey
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