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Danni Goulet


PVD TIN - Tin Type photography by appointment.

My name is Danni Goulet and I am based on the Rhode Island Massachusetts border which is an amalgam of oceans, rivers and rich history. Much like where i live, my practice involves an amalgam of historical and alternative photographic process image making which includes such diverse methods such as wet plate collodion, cyanotype and old fashion film. My work celebrates the ordinary. I strive to bring a storytellers perspective to the mostly overlooked people and places that we barely notice.

The slow tactile nature of these mediums with all of their flaws and uncontrollable nature allows me to create one of kind objects that also happen to be images. My work is inspired by the painterly images of Edward Hopper, Trevor Chamberlian and the metaphor filled images of Rene Magritte.


Danni Goulet

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